Menyediakan kebutuhan flight simulator untuk home cockpit

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The Fighterstick USB termasuk 3 axis and 24 tombol, termasuk X,Y and Z axis untuk Aileron, Elevator, and Throttle control.

Switch antara ketiga mode dengan total 176 programmable fungsi. Sudah termasuk Control Manager software* (*PC only).



Simulator Pesawat Terbang

Flight Simulator

Simulator Penerbangan

Simulator Pesawat PC



Part# 13-05615

Weight 2 kg


  • Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, XP 64bit, Vista
  • 3 axes and 24 buttons
  • X, Y, and Z axes for Aileron, Elevator, and Throttle control
  • 3 traditional push buttons
  • 1 mode switch button
  • 3 four direction HAT switches
  • Q1 eight direction POV HAT switch
  • Total of 176 programmable functions with Control Manager software (included)
  • Three color mode indicator LEDs on base
  • Realistic F-16 handle
  • Dual rotary trim wheels for precise adjustment of ailerons and elevators
  • Side Throttle wheel
  • Large sturdy base with 7 foot USB cable
  • Plug and Play driverless USB installation
  • Quality industrial components and construction


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